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Your Stories

Story 1

I chose to have my second child at home because my first was almost born in the parking lot of the hospital! I had also gone through a very stressful experience with my mother's illness and subsequent passing, so I felt the need to be somewhere I felt safe and comfortable.

I started feeling contractions, which I feel as back pain rather than abdomen cramps, during the night. Early in the morning I called Edie to let her know that I thought I was in labour. A while later she came by to check me and told me to try to rest as much as possible, relax and call when the contractions got stronger. Once my mother in law came to pick up our first child, I found I was able to relax and concentrate on the contractions. I ate and drank as I pleased. It wasn't long until we were calling Edie to come back. Since she knew my history of a bit of a quick birth, she called Yvonne to come right away. Once they arrived it didn't take too much longer for things to speed up and the contractions to get really strong. I still only felt them as back pain; I used my yoga ball to lean on against the bed and my husband rubbed my back (Hard!). Edie offered to break my water to move things along, and I agreed, unfortunately I was on my back on the bed and the membranes were strong and I had another contraction!

Almost immediately after that my water broke and I felt like pushing! Oh dear! The last time I was at this stage I had the crazy drive to the hospital to distract me, now I had nothing to focus on but that feeling! So I was pretty motivated to push; and after a few pushes, and less than 1 minute, our daughter arrived at 2:53pm (our house number was also 253!). My husband had been sitting behind me to support me while pushing. He said he really felt more involved during the birth than last time (as the last time he ran in after parking the car, just in time to see the baby come out!).

The best part of the whole experience was that we called my mother in law to bring our son back to the house to meet his new sister! He had no disruption to his day, and went to bed that night, with mommy, new baby and daddy in the next room. Edie and Yvonne were so attentive; they monitored me and made sure all was well with the baby and cleaned up so well you wouldn't even know a baby was born in the house. They helped me to start breastfeeding as well. A bit of blood got on the mattress (because I didn't cover it well and the protector sheet shifted) and Yvonne was so great trying to get it all out. I loved having Kara come to my home for the first few visits, it really makes things easy (especially if this is a second or third baby!).

Story 2

The reason I chose midwifery wasn't because I had had a bad experience with a traditional OB, it was because I knew I could have a *great* experience with a midwife. As a first time Mom or a Mom having her 7th, the value of having a midwife is beyond compare during such an emotional and vulnerable time. From the first appointment to the last 6 week check-up, your midwife team is there to support you in every way. After having experienced a birth where a doctor walked into the room and didn't know who I was and what was important to me during my labour and birth, I knew that I needed something different. Knowing that a midwife was there to offer safe & caring support during one of the most important events of your life is something I couldn't imagine not having. The midwives encourage your and your partner's involvement in every step of your pregnancy and birth. They are incredibly knowledgeable, professional and caring. They have helped me during my last 4 births and have made my birth experiences safe & supportive and something I will cherish always.

Cheryl Brooks.

Story 3

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