Remy Partick Manuel Murfin
May 27, 2019
I had the pleasure of having Carolyn & Kristen as my midwives through my pregnancy with my second baby. I felt midwifery was the best option for my pregnancy as I loved how personal it felt and the care they take with every woman they attend to. I struggled with anxiety through most of my pregnancy & they treated all my questions and concerns with respect. I never felt rushed through the appointments and felt comfortable asking as many questions as I needed to. I felt they were very knowledgeable and professional but also made you feel like family. Noah was born September 7th , 2018 Kristen attended to my labour. She supported & reassured me every step of the way! I was sad to be discharged at the end of my care with them as I very much looked forward to relationships I built with them. I look forward to visiting in the future and having the midwives care for me in future pregnancies! I would highly recommend them to everyone :) Justine Miesowicz
May 27, 2019
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Ethan (baby), Yvonne (Mother)

Ethan Hart (baby), Yvonne Hart (Mother)

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